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International Space Station

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International Partners and Participants

  The International Space Station continues the largest scientific
  cooperative program in history, drawing on the resources and
  scientific expertise of 16 nations:

  United States - NASA
  Canada - CSA
  Participating ESA members

       Denmark - DSRI
       France - CNES (In French)
       Germany - DLR
       Italy - ASI
       Norway - NSC
       Spain - INTA
       Sweden - SNSB
       United Kingdom

  Japan - NASDA
  Russia - Rosaviakosmos
  Brazil - INPE

Subject Matter Experts

Section 1: Introduction to ISS, DT26/William O’Keefe

Section 2: Command and Data Handling, DT22/Rosalinde Henderson

Section 3: Electrical Power System Overview, DT47/Scott Simmons

Section 4: Communications and Tracking Overview, DT22/Dennis Gardner

Section 5: Thermal Control System Overview, DT47/Shawn Harrison

Section 6: Environmental Control and Life Support System Overview,
DT47/Katie Martinez

Section 7: Guidance, Navigation, and Control Overview, DT22/Robert Frost

Section 8: Robotics Overview, DT44/Liz York

Section 9: Structures and Mechanisms Overview, DT44/Toni Clark

Section 10: Payloads Overview, DT42/Dwight Mosby

Section 11: Extravehicular Activity Overview, DF42/Sean Dougherty

Section 12: On-Orbit Maintenance Overview, DF53/Terence Williams

Section 13: Flight Crew Systems, DF54/David Pogue

Section 14: Crew Health Care System, SD2/Cheri Armstrong

Section 15: Operations and Planning, DT22/Rosalinde Henderson


A Acronyms A-1

B Answers B-1

C ISS Reference Frames C-1

D Technical Summary Sheets D-1

E Assembly Sequence Rev. D E-1

F Station Mission Controller Front Room Positions F-1